Meet our Pups!

Like most Labrador Retrievers and poodles, labradoodles are generally friendly, energetic and good with families and children.

Australian labradoodles are known for being hyper-allergenic and non-shedding.  They often display an affinity for water and strong swimming ability from their parent breeds.

Their parent breeds are both amongst the world's most intelligent dog breeds, in which the poodle is believed to be the smartest (apart from the border collie).



Meet Genesis

Cove Lake Genesis - Registration #: ALAA-066227


Just a little doll baby Genesis is. Her cute little white paws, white chest, white tip on her tail along with her adorable face is what makes her look so spectacular! She's very loving and sweet. Genesis is exceptionally smart and fearless; taking risk that the older doodles dare try.

Adopt one of Genesis upcoming litters in March 2019.


Meet Maple

Barksdale Maple - Registration #: ALAA-062008

There’s Minnie Riperton, Minnie Driver, and Mickey’s Minnie and they all, without a doubt are amazing in their own right, however MINNIE MAPLE is some kinda wonderful let me tell you! As sweet as maple syrup and as unique as all the other Minnie’s before her!  She is the princess of HappyTails kennel and all the others pamper and protect her. She’s such a lady but definitely holds her own. She is social for sure  but a few times a day, Minnie Maple likes to get away to a quiet place to day dream awhile on a pink cloud. She’s gorgeous, she’s smart and she is one of a kind!

Adopt one of Maple’s upcoming litters


Meet Binx

Lake Blue Binx - Registration #: ALAA-066231


Little Binx is not only stunningly handsome, but he is also cool, calm and collective amongst the sometimes mayhem of his fellow canine friends and family.  His soft fleece will almost melt in your hands.  He loves playing with his pal Tigger, but also enjoys tiptoeing through the tulips on his own every now and again.  He’s an independent little fellow and is as sweet as they come.


Meet Luci

Happy Tails Luci - Registration #: ALAA-073179


Luci is one of Happy Tails newest doodles. She has a beautiful wavy curly fleece that you’ll just love to cuddle with.


Meet Stokely

Happy Tails Stokley - Registration #: ALAA-067272


He loves spending time playing with children and other pets.  He also knows how to make himself at home all by himself.